I’ve fallen down the MMFD rabbit hole.


Send help.

there is no help

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I want my fluff fluffy

My smut smutty

And my tea with a little bit of milk

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Nelsons - part 3


A/N: enjoyyyy :) the next chapter will be a lot longer

part 1 - part 2 

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When I look around, I see that everyone’s the protagonist of their own story. And the thing about stories is that not all of them have a happy ending. But some do.

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Phil and Rae ¤ “If it hadn’t been Finn, it most certainly would have been you.” She stroked his face, “You were almost my forever.” Phil closed his eyes for a moment, pain stabbing through his chest. But he held it together and took a deep breath.

Fan edit for fanningon / blue—green's amazing amazing MMFD fanfic.  Quotes used are from Series 4, Episode 5.  Stephen Lunsford as Philip Seymour from gushington-central's awesome fancast

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I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do

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 The Most Beautiful And Colorful Houses 

1. Istanbul, Turkey

2. Mykonos, Greece

3. Rainbow House In Brooklyn

4. Rainbow House In Usa

5. Zamość, Poland

6. Colorful House In Nippes, Cologne, Germany

7.Carabanchel 24 Building In Madrid, Spain

8. Colorful House In San Francisco

9. Music Playing House Wall

10. A House That Should Really Be In The Land Of Oz

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Have been living in a state of agonised l u s t ever since he suggested he liked me (!!!) by writing THAT THING on my back.

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At the end of the world.

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the emus in the my mad fat diary fandem are some of the most genuine, caring, intelligent, witty, and hilarious people i’ve ever came across and i am so thankful for them ^_^

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