Probably one of the best Rae/Finn video’s I’ve ever seen. watch it! 

Anyone else have any favorite Rae/Finn vids? Message me them so we can all see! :) x

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Finn Nelson is the perfect mixture of “smooth” and “dork”.

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lmao some Finn nelson memes to cheer the fandom up. We’ve been too caught up w emotions.

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"Dear Mrs. Ward, I"m writing this after getting sentenced, because I don’t want you to think I’m only writing so the judge will go easy on me. I thought we were going for a pizza, Mrs. Ward, honest. But I’ve realised, that doesn’t make me innocent. See, if I’d not been born, I wouldn’t have been able to drive them, and your Thomas would still be alive. So that’s kind of a guilt. It’s not really a guilty guilt, it’s more of an innocent guilt, but it’s a guilt just the same. And it’s easier to do 5 and a half years thinking like that, than 5 and a half years thinking I’m innocent. I’m really sorry Mrs. Ward. Really, really, sorry."


Hi guys! here is this whatever it is lol…I think I’m going to make it 2 or 3 parts any way I hope you enjoy :)

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Summary: Finn meets Rae at a pub, year 2007

Light it up

Finn was having a trying week, editing and rearranging layouts for Top Tunes magazine was not an easy task. Especially, when his colleague Dan, always had a differing opinions, he liked him they were mates but he could be annoying. After a much needed break he went to the break room and was getting tea when he overheard Dan talking to their friend and Finns roommate Archie, who was photographer for the magazine and often liked to be included in the layout process, but what Finn heard had nothing to do with work.

“Yeah, mate I’m telling you this pub is fucking ace” Finn overheard Dan tell Archie as he walked over

“What you guys talking about” Finn asked as he stirred his tea and took a sip

“Finn, I was just telling Archie here how he has to go to this pub, it’s just a few blocks away” Dan placed a hand on Archie’s shoulder shaking him a bit

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Rae + My emotions

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Mr Nice Guy
The Kooks
Junk of the Heart
733 plays

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Im diggin raes sexy bed head hair hahaha

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you beautiful motherfucker x

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